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100+ PHP Scripts with Resale Rights

YES! It's Bonanza Time

This offer is good on SO MANY LEVELS that it is unbelievable!

First it starts with PHP scripts! The easiest to install and modify!

Complete scripts to run your own website

Run your own automatic traffic exchange site

Run your own auto-hits site

Run your own dating site

Run your own paid to read email site

Run your own e-product site with instant downloads

Run your own link exchange site to boost your search engine rankings

Run your own auction site

Run your own top list site

Run your own web portal site

Run your own website stats site

Scripts to automate your site for more profits

Authentication Scripts - Protect your resources

Affiliate scripts - pay others to sell for you

Banner rotation scripts - make money with your affiliate links

Contact forms and counters

Content management

Download manager that works with PayPal® IPN

E-commerce scripts

FAQ Generator and Manager

Image Management

Random Image, Text, Quote,


Resell Rights to ALL these scripts - That's right you sell them and KEEP 100% of the profits for YOURSELF!

Here's what you get!




3X3 Matrix Script

3 X 3 instant matrix Payment options: PayPal, StormPay and E-Gold 3 matrix levels Payout to each level Instantly! Admin defined amounts E-mail all members Search members Member URL's Site upkeep payment option You can even have subscription as payment methods You can have just one payment option if preferred All in PHP format Uses MySQL Database Easily change the design.


Access Counter

This php script displays a access counter on your Web page. It include some tag IMG of your Web page


Advanced Guestbook

a PHP-based guestbook script. It includes many useful features such as preview, templates, e-mail notification, picture upload, page spanning , html tags handling, smilies, advanced guestbook codes and language support. The admin script lets you modify, view, and delete messages. Requires PHP4 and MySQL



This PHP MySQL script will allow you to run your own affiliate program! One of the easiest ways to get QUALITY traffic to your website is to start your own affiliate program! Pay your affiliates per click, per sale, or in tiers! You will find that when you get more and more affiliates signed up, your sales will skyrocket! 8Kb


Affiliate Armour

A PHP script to protect your affiliate links on your website. Comes with plenty of bonuses like Hot Traffic and Webgold. You do not have resell rights to this program. 6.89 mb


Affiliate Script PHP

This PHP MySQL script will allow you to run your own affiliate program! One of the easiest ways to get QUALITY traffic to your website is to start your own affiliate program! Pay your affiliates per click, per sale, or in tiers! You will find that when you get more and more affiliates signed up, your sales will skyrocket!


Affiliate Script PHP 2

This PHP MySQL script has taken running an affiliate program from your website to the next level! It is very easy to install, And The use of MySQL will securely keep your user's information confidential, and keeps excellent track of all commissions earned by your affiliates! To further secure the scripts it also makes excellent use of sessions! If you have a business online, and do not have an affiliate program, you are missing out on some serious cash!


Ask - Receive

Reciprocal Link Management PHP script. Link Popularity is one of the best ways for any web site to become successful. Ask and Receive™ is an award winning, Spam-proof, reciprocal link package that can be installed on any web site. Ask and Receive builds Link Popularity by letting you pick and chose high quality sites to exchange links with. 81Kb



A PHP script that will let you run your own Automatic Traffic Exchange. 73 kb



Auto Surf Script

Run your own auto surf exchange site. A good PHP beginners site in the auto surf exchange business.



Banner Rotation Script

This affiliate banner rotation script is probably the easiest to install ad manager on the web! All you've have to do is upload a list of all your affiliate advertising codes in a list and that is about it. Simply include the script using a PHP include code (included) and you're on you way fast and easy. The script changes which advertisement will be viewed next making sure that all your adverts get equal viewing (does NOT show at random like most scripts) and the script requires the page to be refreshed to change the advertisement seen so that you get extended viewing per banner.



Bookmarks/Favorites Script

This PHP Bookmarks script is a web-based program that allows you to store your bookmarks and display them in many useful ways. This script will sort your bookmarks with usability in mind, keeping often-used bookmarks at your fingertips. It has a bookmark search, private/public bookmarks, nested groups, usage rankings, popularity sorting, and a quick add feature.




a PHP and database driven system designed to make it easy to administer a websites frequently asked questions.

  • Web-based administration

  • Easily blends in with your site's current design

  • Questions can be assigned to multiple categories

  • Unlimited question category depth

  • Multi-level administrators allowing for category editor and whole FAQ managers

  • Works on servers with the open basedir restriction in effect

  • Works with PHP safe mode turn on

  • Works with register globals on or off!

  • Searchable

  • Most Popular and Most Recent lists available for use in the FAQ or elsewhere on your site

  • HTML formatting allowed in questions, or you can let the system automatically convert your line breaks for you!

  • Admins can view lists of orphaned and unanswered questions, and of orphaned categories

  • Option to allow users to submit new questions for the FAQ



Client Invoicing Script

This is a MySQL powered PHP program for invoicing clients so they can view/download invoices. The system allows an administrator to enter the client details and invoices. Each client must be given a username and password to login to view their invoices and the administrator can view the full database by client, date, amount etc. There is an optional email notification system and full setup instructions included.




a very simple 'contact us' php script. It requires no database, and even the newbie should be able to set this up in under 10 minutes!




PHP Link Listing Script: The Script Is Unique from Other Link Listing Scripts In That It Creates Different "Rooms" For Different Links! Making This Powerful Script its Own Little Web Surfing Tool For The Visitor Of The Site! It Is More Or Less A Nice Little Search Engine! Once A Visitor Signs Up For The Website they are placed on a mailing list, and the script automatically sends out an email to each visitor every time a new link is added! You Can Make Money Selling Advertising To Other Webmasters! The Automatic Email Will Guarantee Your advertisers that their link will be seen! The Visitor will have a choice on whether to receive an email for each link OR one email with all new links listed! A very nice script! 49Kb



Contact Form

This script is meant to make receiving email or feedback from your visitors much easier. All your visitors have to do is fill out a simple form and hit send, php script




This php script generates the html code that displays a pull down menu. It saves you the time and effort of creating the code manually and allows you to easily modify the contents of the menu whenever you want easily




a PHP/MYSQL powered content management and news updating system. It allows you to add posts and also has highest rated articles and most read articles. It also features a easy-to-use admin panel. Even though it is a fully function Newsupdater and CMS, it is not intended for out of the box use. Instead, it is intended to act as a central engine for developers to develop from.




a simple php script that will allow you to 'count' the amount of page hits you've had. It does not track the "visitors", but rather the "page hits". It is very easy to setup!



Daily Pic

This Script allows you to display a daily image on any page of your site using a simple php include call, php script



Dating Website Script

This is simply one of the best dating scripts available written in PHP & MySQL. Several cool features available in this script are users can add, edit and delete profiles, upload up to three photos, user messaging system, users can set to be notified when another user will reads their message, users are given numeric usernames to increase privacy, who is online feature, recommend us feature, current birthday list and statistics on the main page (amount of men and woman members).




a powerful link indexing php script. Features include admin validations(can be turned on or off), admin edit and delete link, ability to specify importance of a site(sponsored listing), and more.




PHP script runs full taint mode with strictures, and not only will the one script perform the download functions for your files, it will also allow you to insert the download count into your page (Via PHP include or SSI). One copy of the script can handle as many files as you like. Very easy to configure and install, and one install will handle all your file download needs. Best of all it has a password protected "Admin Interface" where you can see and reset the count for all your files.



Download Manager with IPN

This is a PHP download manager designed to work with the Instant Payment Notification built into PayPal. A great starter for the novice to sell products with the download automatically set up and secure.



Easy Administration Program

With this super easy admin program user's can create, modify, and delete files and directories. The code is in a modular format so new modules can be easily created and added. The download is small and contains no unnecessary images or advertising. This is the newest version which has encrypted passwords and now works on newer PHP systems and does not require register_globals to be on.



Ecommerce Script

PHP Script This script will allow you to run a very nice, and very secure ecommerce area or store front from your website! It is very easy to install and comes with an installer script so that all you need to do to set it up is point and click! This in-depth script will keep your customer's entire records safe in a database, and will allow you to update orders and more!



Ezy Contact Form

A great tool that sets up a php file for creating quick and easy contact forms for your website with maximum function. Can either have 1 email address or give them a choice - contact forms like this are a great way of avoiding spam - your email address isn't put into the html. Prefix the email subject for easy sorting.



Ezy Unzip

It doesn't get much easier than Ezy Unzip! With two simple steps you can easily unzip any file even if it is password protected! eZy Unzip is so easy to use anyone, even beginners, will have no problem using it Comes with resale rights and template



FAQ Generator PHP Script

Have you ever wanted to find an easier way to add your customer's frequently asked questions to your website? This script will easily allow you to add topics, and questions to your new FAQ page! It is very easy to install, And comes with an administration section so that you can add the information to your page/pages directly from your web browser! Every site needs to have a FAQ page for the sake of its clients, and this script provides the easiest way to build one!



FAQ Manager

This PHP "FAQ" manager is a simple script yet powerful script that will help you to create (and manage) a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page on your site. It is written in PHP, MySQL and Fast Template so it is fast and easy to configure. Every website needs a FAQ page so you don't look like just another "fly-by-night" website that won't be in business for longer than a month or two.




A php based search engine requires no database, stores data in a text file, no configuration is needed. You can also choose how many results to display per page.



Football Management Software

This powerful script is a football management software written in PHP that use a MySQL database. It has a modular design and comes with two free modules. The league module features wizards for managing a football league, fixtures, games, teams, results, divisions, etc. League team statistics are automatically calculated and updated every time a game is played/entered. The news module features an HTML news creator/editor that can be used to post news.



Form To Email Script SECURE!

PHP Script It is hard to find a form mail script that will securely deliver your client's results every time, while concealing your email from the spam bots! This Script Will Do Just That! The script was cleverly written to disguise your email address, and yet get the results of every form filled out straight to your inbox! We recommend this script highly, and our web hosting clients LOVE it!




a small yet flexible and fully featured forum system. It has unlimited categories and forums, staff only forums, read only forums, 4 levels of permissions. Smilies, word filters, BBcode, Ip banning, e-mail ban from registration and much more, php script.




an easy to use image gallery management system. It allows multiple categories and subcategories as well as image hit / download tracking and a built in installer, php script



Gallery Generator

the perfect and easy solution to generate picture galleries on your web site. It is all template based so just upload your templates and when you choose a template the script will automatically put the images where they are supposed to go, php script



Graphic Counter

This script will allow virtually any owner of a website to add a graphical text counter to any page they desire. Installation is simple and requires only a few modifications. SSI and/or PHP is required




a php script that will allow you to 'grab' information, data, stats, etc. from other sites, and place them within your own site. The most popular use of this script is for News, Stocks, Weather, and such.



Guestbook Script

This highly advanced guestbook script is written in PHP and uses MySQL. It includes many useful features such as preview, templates, email notification, picture upload, page spanning, HTML tags handling, smilies, advanced guestbook codes, language support and it has a great interface to seal the deal. The admin area lets you modify, view and delete messages which gives the owner extra control.



ICQ Pager Script

This script enables you to put a ICQ pager form The form code is created automatically by the script. Just copy and paste it into one of your HTML documents. Several language files available.



Image Management Script

This hot web-based image management system is written in PHP and uses MySQL. It features cataloguing by standard comment fields or Photoshop-type embedded comment fields, sub-categorizing into separate repositories, database searching capability, and more. This is a great script!



Links Exchange Script

This link exchange script is a PHP script that allows your visitors to sign up for an account, and add their link to your website! It keeps track of all dead links on your website so that you can easily maintain your site, and keep dead links off of your link exchange! It also has an administration section that is password protected, and allows you to add categories, links, approve, disapprove, and delete links right from your browser! This would be a very nice script to start up a paid or free link exchange! Either way you win because Linking is the best way to get listed in the major search engines!




just a simple little real-time visitor tracker that tracks how many active users there have been on your site in the last 15 minutes, php script.




Highly Advanced Guestbook Script. This highly advanced guestbook script is written in PHP and uses MySQL. It includes many useful features such as preview, templates, email notification, picture upload, page spanning, HTML tags handling, smilies, advanced guestbook codes, language support and it has a great interface to seal the deal. The admin area lets you modify, view and delete messages which gives the owner extra control. 32Kb



My Backup

A PHP script to backup your files.



Network Query Tool (NQT)

a one-stop solution for getting information about a domain or IP address. Instead of manually using different unix commands or visiting numerous websites to "investigate" a host, just load Network Query Tool and enter the hostname or IP. NQT will do the following: reverse lookup, DNS query (dig), whois (domain owner), whois (IP owner), check port, ping, and traceroute, php script




a php newsletter script
Features included :

  • Subscription checking whether the subscriber is not already registered

  • Sending of a welcome message at the time of subscribing.

  • Text or HTML Email

  • User friendly web based admin interface

  • Multilanguage support (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Slovak).



News Publishing Script

With this state-of-the-art news publishing script written in PHP and using MySQL, you can post news any time anywhere to your website by using the password protected administration section. Some features include; post news, delete news, delete all news, edit news, delete multiple news, change status (make visible/invisible), supports multi-language, supports CSS, you can call the script via JavaScript, allow/disallow html, display news as NEW for any amount of time, display the latest news, display all the news, display full story and display how many times an article has been read.



osCommerce PHP Shopping Cart

osCommerce is quickly becoming the shopping cart of choice for many online merchants! This script is simply AWESOME! You can literally have a store set up and ready to take orders within an hour! The script comes with a VERY easy to use admin section where you add all of the products, manage customers, shipping, tax, payment process, inventory, and just so much more to mention! You can use MANY, MANY different payment gateways with osCommerce including PayPal, 2Checkout, authorize.net, and many more! This version of the script is NOT simply the snapshot version THIS IS THE MILESTONE RELEASE!



Page Protector

a user authentication system used to password protect selected pages. Pages are protected by adding a single line of PHP script at the top of the page. A web-based administration section allows for the creation of new users, deleting users, changing passwords and viewing logs. User information and logs are stored in a flatfile (text) database.



Photo Rating Script

Run a photo rating site find out if you and your friends are hot or not and also have great exposure for your advertising.



PHP Auction Site

Run your own auction site. With this simple PHP script. Comes with resale rights.



PHP Auction 2

This is a VERY nice PHP auction script! It Is a very easy script to install! There are Many Premium features that come with this auction script! Once it is installed you can easily manage your new auction site from a secure administration section! You can manage the look of your website, manage all of your users, approve, and delete members, send out a newsletter, and much more right from your browser! The script will automatically notify your customers when they register, get outbid, win an auction, or owe you money! Once it is installed it is virtually a hands off business!



PHP Authentication Script

If you are looking for a way to secure an area of your website this is one of the most powerful, and secure ways to do so! This PHP MySQL script secures your member's passwords via the powerful MD5 in MySQL! Your members can finally feel secure about their passwords being secure when you use this script! The script is VERY easy to install!



PHP Commander

It allows you to type php commands/scripts inside a text area and execute them from one single page. Without this script, you have to test and run your php scripts this way:

  1. edit your scripts in a text editor

  2. save them to files

  3. upload the files to your server using FTP

  4. call the files from your browser

  1. you discover bugs and correct them by restarting from step 1!!



PHP Counter

You can quit paying for traffic counter services. This script is a very simple and super easy to install webpage hit counter. The font and color of the counter are completely customizable and there are only 2 files to upload to your web server. Plus you will even have the ability to separate the thousands for added customization.



PHP Directory

Multi-level category system, with unlimited number of categories, Integrated search engine, Powerful control panel: add/edit/delete/move pages and categories easily. Move full parts of the directory (subcategories and pages) with one click, Semi-automated directory: users suggest urls and you accept/reject them, IP banning, Fast loading: the pages are developed in plain CSS. No tables nor heavy code, Search engine friendly: include title, keywords and description for each category. Short querystrings (most search engines will index the directory), Easily customizable: accomplish general look changes modifying just some values or change completely the directory appearance modifying CSS style sheets, Language support



PHP Form To Email

This is a PHP script to send the information to you from a form on your website via email. It includes the options to include carbon copy email addresses and blind carbon copy email addresses. You can also set it to check the refer so that your form can't be used for spam.



PHP Logger

User sign-up page that allows users to create accounts, logs host/ip (proxy & 'real' IP !!), referrer, agent, time&date, resolution&color, online-time, page impressions, traceroute's by above.net, stores IP-adress+cookie to avoid multiple hits by the same user (you can set a timeout), multiple page count - include PPhlogger on ALL your pages throughout your whole site, mail-notice - PPhlogger sends you an email every xx hits, phlogview - view all data and get a mySQL-dump for backup purposes (incl. logs-by-date search)



PHP Machine

a collection of PHP scripts designed to change backgrounds or images each time a website is re-loaded. Also included is a random password generator that is perfect for creating passwords...as well as a random quote generator. The quote generator is a great tool for adding quotes, tips, or other periodic messages to a website.



PHP MailList

a powerful, yet simple to use, email announcement script. It allows people to subscribe/unsubscribe through a web-based form, checking for valid addresses. The web-based administration module allows the owner to send messages to the list, subscribe/unsubscribe people, view the list of subscriber, and configure the script. Installation is simple, and configuration of confirmation messages, welcome messages and goodbye messages, as well as signatures are all maintained through the password protected administration section



PHP Paid Email Site Script

Run your own Paid To Read Email site. You collect the money for the advertising but more importantly you collect people to read the emails you want to send out!



PHP Site Search

a site search engine written in PHP. The script contains an indexer, which stores information about the site in a text file database, the contained search script then searches that database and returns the page results. Includes: options to exclude words and files from indexing, indexing by meta tags or all words, multiple word search.



PHP Template Engine

AwesomeTemplateEngine is a PHP script used to create PHP templates! This revolutionary script makes the task a breeze!




a constantly evolving and changing Content Management System (CMS). PHPX is highly customizable and high powered all in one system. PHPX provides content management combined with the power of a portal by including in the core package modules such as FAQ, polls, and forums. PHPX uses dynamic-template-design, what this means is that you have the power to control what your site will look like. Themes are included, but not required. You can create the page however you want, and PHPX will just insert code where you want it. No more 3 columns if you don’t want it! Written in the powerful server language, PHP, and utilizing the amazingly fast and secure database MySQL, PHPX is a great solution for all size website communities



PNG Count

This is a simple and practical hit counter. Requires PHP + GD Support (PNG).




employs a simple to use admin interface and template customizations for your poll so that you can easily adapt to the look and feel of your web site. Setup as many polls as you like.



Pop Clear

a script that will delete all of the messages in a POP3 mailbox. Deleting is done without downloading or viewing the messages, php script




The Process Timer will display the amount of time was taken to process a certain web page (whatever page or pages the code is placed on). This can be useful for debugging purposes and for mere display. Installation is easy and requires no modifications to the script. SSI and/or PHP is required



Purana Forms

Handles unlimited forms, Optional dynamic form built in, Optional redirect, Optional built in thanks page, Optional confirmation page, Can require any entries in form, Can send auto reply, Custom error pages, Tracks browser types, Tracks IP / Host, Dynamic - No HTML files, Any colors or fonts, Includes header / footer, Extensive readme file, php script.




a simple php script that will allow you to place a random quote on your web page. It uses a .txt file to draw from. Which is fully editable! It is very easy to setup and edit!




will automatically rotate any text or HTML code wherever designated on a website. It can be used for quotes, banners, buttons, and various other rotations. Installation is simple and requires no modifications. SSI and/or PHP is required



Random Banner

A simple script that shows a random banner each time when the page is refreshed, uses weighing system which lets you to decide which banner to show more often.



Random Image Displayer

a simple php script to display a Random image or background on your Web page



Random Links

a simple php script to change location for each click



Random Popup

an easy to use tool that allows you to implement a random popup into pages on your web site. Just include a snippet of code and every time you add a url into the database it will be included in the cycle.



Random Quote

This php script will allow you to place a random quote on your site. It utilizes ADODB (http://php.weblogs.com/ADODB), for multi-database support. If you know ADODB, than you should not need any help with this script!



Random Text Displayer

a simple php script to display a Random Text on your web page



Rating System

works without any configuration and requires no database. Stores IP in a text file to prevent multiple rating by the same user. It has nothing to configure, php script,




a script that allows you to list the most recent referrers to your website. You can determine the amount of referrers to show and display it on any page of your site




PHP Script which allow you to add a reviewing system on your website. Automatically configures itself to the webpage in which it is embedded, you can also choose how long review can be, automatically deletes old reviews if file size of text based database is above maximum file size, has bad words filter.




Small php script which send a visitor on an alternate advertising page if this visitor has already visit the web site during the last X days. Also provide an anti hotlink function on the homepage which oblige people to enter by the disclaimer page.




a simple yet effect riddler. It displays a Random Riddle or question for visitors to answer each time they enter a site. Admin can add and delete questions and answers to the database, php script



Snipe gallery

Searchable PHP/mySQL photo gallery manager with web based admin and dynamic thumbnailing



Source Viewer

PHP source viewer is a script by which you can view the source code of any php file with beautiful syntax highlighting. Its small in size and requires no configuration. Doesn't let you edit the source



Spider Log

Did you ever wonder what Search Engines were spidering your pages? This script tracks several spiders and logs their actions to a mysql database, php script.



SS Links

This Script is a PHP and MySQL powered links database which allows You to run a database driven categorized links section on a web site - similar in structure to Yahoo or any other categorized links collection. Features include:
* Fully database driven utilizing MySQL.
* Full template system allowing you to control the HTML output of the script without needing to alter any of the PHP code.
* Easily customizable if you wish to alter the script in any way.
* Very easy to admin via the web - log in and add / edit categories and links.
* Visitors to your site can recommend new links, which you can then validate.
* Allows visitors to rate your links from 1-10, and displays average rating.
* Rating a link more than once is discouraged using cookies.
* Number of hits each link has received is recorded and displayed.
* Very easy to set up and use, thanks to an installation script and config file.
* Built in Search Feature.
* Most popular, top rated and newest links pages.




This php script allows you to keep track of activities on your web site. It extracts some statistics from a log file generated by log.pl and produces following reports: visits by day, visits by week-day, visits by hour, referrer, top browsers, top operating systems, top countries and top hostnames. Ideal for users which don't have access to the web server log file,




This script gives you the ability to offer instant links on your site. Your ads appear above and below the links and also on the submit page. You only need to edit one file and upload which makes this script very easy to use. This script also doubles as an opt in list! When anyone submit their link they give you permission to send them email. All email addresses are stored in one .txt file, making it very easy for you to add the emails to your current email program/newsletter script!




With PHP Subscriber you can give your members latest information about your website through email. Also includes a password protected admin panel from where you can manage email addresses. No database required.




will allow visitors of your website to leave comments on a page that you designate. It can be used as a suggestions receipt tool or a simplistic guestbook. PHP is required




This is php script which generate thumbnails




PHP news ticker is a simple php based script. News can be easily edited from password protected admin panel, supports images and urls and its small in size



Ticket Add

ticket support system to Your web site! very powerful script with all advanced features + live chat feature!!! 221Kb



Toplists Scripts PHP

If you have ever wanted to run your own toplist website THIS IS THE SCRIPT FOR YOU! It comes with such advanced features as Anti-Cheating, Rules members MUST follow, Easy to match the look of your website, looks up lost passwords, allows you to decide if you want to allow banners to be used by your visitors, Allows you to sell advertising for your toplist, and a lot more! A very sophisticated script!



Topsite Script PHP

This toplist script has a VERY nice design to it! It is very easy to install, and is template based so all of the HTML work has already been done for you! This toplist script is limited ONLY BY YOU! You can allow as many or as few links to be added to the entire list, or even page by page! Many toplists make the major search engines fast due to the amount of links, and visitors they receive! This is a great way to SELL advertising Or simply advertise your own websites!



Traffic Surf Script

Like the name say a traffic surf script

  • Countdown surfing timer

  • Complete members area

  • Multiple site capabilities for members

  • Random site and browse modes for members to earn credits

  • Automatic banner script capable of rotating, and displaying multiple banners

  • Complete access to modify all member and site data through web interface

  • Ability to customize site colors, name, member starting credits, referral rate and much more

  • email module to send messages or newsletters to your members

  • Prewritten FAQ page

  • User Referral credits

  • Block content management

  • Modular design for unlimited upgradability with absolutely no down time.

  • Automatic email to new signups.

  • PayPal module to charge users for points

  • Easy to install



Traffic Toll Booth

Traffic Toll Booth is an EASY to use/EASY to install website script that gives you all the information about your web traffic that most web hosts don't provide. The advanced visit logs tell you: IP Addresses, Language, Browser, Operating System, Is User New To site?, Date and Time, Last Visit, Days Since Last Visit, Referrer Page, Keywords Used To Search. This is a PHP script and can be installed EASILY Comes with resale rights and template



Traffic Exchange Script

run your own start page traffic exchange.


Members area

  • Adding Urls.

  • changing Urls

  • changing Site Info

  • Deleting Urls

  • Assigning Credits

  • Viewing History

  • Viewing Stats

  • Earning Referral Bonuses

  • Buying Credits

  • Winning Credits

  • Reporting Site Abuse

Admin area

  • View site statistics

  • View Credit Deficiencies

  • Changing admin user name

  • Changing e-mail address

  • Changing admin password

  • Setting bonus credits for new members

  • Setting amount of credits for contest

  • Setting viewing time for members

  • Deleting,adding,disabling or enabling sites

  • Selling credits and/or accounts

  • Automatic page editor/creator

  • Possibility to send e-mail to all members

  • Viewing weekly stats



Traffic Trade

FEATURES: Productivity tracking, First click to gallery option, Gallery skimming option, Easy to use, fully customizable toplist, Powerful force option, Comprehensive IP log reports, Proxy tracking, Proxy IP reports, Fully automatic management and ratio trading option, Blacklist feature, Auto email notification on new trades, Auto delete if productivity is too low, Auto delete trades if proxy level is too high, Auto delete trades if unique-raw percentage is too low, Auto delete if hits in is too low, Auto force to new trades option, Search engine tracking, Bookmark and no cookie tracking, User friendly admin, php script



Unique Visitors

A Very simple php script for counting daily unique visitors of your website no need of any configuration no database is needed. Displays Statistics of the last 30 days. Updated version also shows raw visitors per day



URL Rotator Site Script

Run your own URL Rotator site and sell your services to people that would like to promote more then one site using only one URL. Plus place your advertising or sell the advertising space in the header of every rotator page.



Users Online Script

This "Users Online" script is written in PHP and allows you to display the exact amount of online users on your website in a very convenient and efficient way. "Users Online" scripts make your website look high-tech and professional and are something no webmaster should be without on his/her website.



Users Online Script 2

This Users Online script shows how many users are on your website, you can change the time in which the MySQL Database Table is refreshed so you can count users online per minute, hour, week etc! This script is more user friendly and comes with a "setup.php" installation file which will set the script up for you.



Visitor Logging Script

This Hot PHP script is a state-of-the-art visitor logging script that can easily display 10 vital statistics about your users. The advanced visit logs this script generator tells you the IP Address, language, browser, operating system, if the user is new to your website, date and time of visit, last visit, days since last visit, referrer page and the keywords they used to find your website (if applicable).



Web-Based Address Book Script

This script is a web based address book, sharable, multilingual with data import/export features and is based on PHP4 and MySQL. Main features include Create/Access your address book on an internet website; import/export your addresses from/to your email client and/or other address manager applications, users and contacts groups management, group's members messages send facilities (small mailing list utilities which won't replace a mailing list manager). This script is also tunable (colors, fonts, content display, language). This script also comes with installation instructions in French (other than English). Most of this script is in French you will have to modify the templates to english if that is what you are using.



Web-based POP Email Client

This script is a web-based POP mail client and is very simple to install but nevertheless a quite advanced program. Some of its features include easy to install (does not require PHP to be compiled with IMAP support), reads and sends attachments, displays text/HTML attachments in-line (while still giving you the option of saving them to your hard drive), all the basic functions (send, receive, reply, reply to all, forward, delete), view all headers or the full source of the email, works even if the user has disabled cookies, localized date field, translated into several languages, can be set up to check for new messages automatically, customizable page layout, and more



Web Chess Script

This is an advanced WebChess game where two people can meet up online and play vs. each other. It has many advanced features such as Pawn Promotion, Move Validations, Tells if King is checked, and many, many more. It requires PHP and at least one MySQL Database.



Web Event Calendar

This is a customizable web calendar developed using PHP and powered by MySQL. The calendar is viewed in month format with a popup window detailing the events of each day as they are clicked on. The title and colors are fully customizable within a single file and the application can be modified to work with other database types.



Web Ring PHP Script

A Webring Script! Create Your Own Network Of Websites by creating a webring with this nice script! It will automatically email the members of your webring, and keeps detailed stats of the visitors you receive to your webring! A Very nice well designed script, and very easy to install!



Website Stats Business

This script is simply awesome! It is a new PHP script, and will allow you to set up your own link tracking business! There are two different memberships you can sell with this script, and both are beneficial to you! The lite membership costs less, but requires your customer's to keep a banner to your website on theirs in order to track their stats! The pro membership of course costs more (Whatever price you set!) and does not require the customer to link to your site! The script automatically takes payments via the PayPal subscription method so you are insured to receive your fees every month! It also keeps track of your customer's statistics daily, weekly, and monthly! This is a VERY nice script!



Whois Lookup Script

This script is a ready to use whois lookup PHP script that all you have to do is unpack, upload and you are ready to go. The script checks for .com, .net, .org, .biz and .info. domain names. No PHP knowledge required! This is the latest updated version which is super easily to customize; you can easily change the language (few lines) or disable domains you don't need.




a system for maintaining a set of random banner ads display on your site. Banners are displayed on your pages with SSI or PHP calls. Multiple "Options" can be established, allowing certain banners to appear only on certain pages (with Keywords) or with the visitor language. WWWAdverts keeps track of exposures / clicks for each banner, as well as of the average total number of exposures / clicks. And you can allow a sponsor to see stats of his banners (use a password protect). It should be use on server with Server Side Include (SSI).


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